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Corporate & Business Advisors Our Services

Warren Blee & Associates assist you deal with the critical issues in a timely fashion. We prefer to work with your current legal, accounting and marketing professionals. However, if you are seeking a second opinion or maybe some specialist advice, one of our associate firms may be able to assist.

Our initial consultation is free and attracts no charge. Our fees are based on a professional hourly rate. Travel and accommodation outside South East Queensland is an additional charge

Corporate Advice

Business problems come in many varieties. Warren Blee & Associates can assist you to develop an approach and plan to overcome the challenges facing your organization.

Strategic positioning is important in today's world and simply having a good idea is not enough. Entities wishing to work with government or large corporate and institutional organisations require an approach that will satisfy the needs of the organization they wish to interact with; be noticed and interact successfully.

Using our Corporate Advice service will give your organisation the edge in a competitive environment. To Top of Page


When your organisation is faced with a major problem or is seeking a new direction, it is often the case that the best ideas are already in your organisation.

Rather than seeking an external consultant, better results are often achieved by using a facilitator who can think laterally and apply rigorous logic to the ideas of your staff, who definitely have the best on the ground knowledge, to develop a plan or approach that will work. To Top of Page

Strategic & Business Planning

Strategic planning is now more critical then ever, as in this world of quickening change it is essential that you know where you want your organisation to be in the future, and we can help you assess your future direction. Having decided on this, we can further help you develop a business plan including resourcing, financing, budgeting, marketing and the development of key performance indicators to ensure you get there.

Innovations need to be tested and developed, then produced and marketed successfully, which all require cost effective planning to achieve the desired outcomes.To Top of Page

Change Management

Change causes stress and concern in those facing it but often it is forced upon us by external factors. Even internally generated change, which is usually to ensure the organisation is better placed to respond to the business environment, is stressful and can cause dislocation of production and service delivery.

Assistance is available for those wanting or going through departmental or organisational restructuring, to smooth the transition and minimize disruption to the operations of the department or entity.

Change, however, does provide opportunities, and we help you identify and maximize these advantages while minimizing stress and dislocation caused by the change, at the same time encouraging innovative solutions to the problems.To Top of Page

Contact us now for FREE advice to learn how we can put your business on the path to Success!


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